A collection of quotes, good music, adventures and bad grammar.

People don’t want to be greedy, they want to be happy but they’re often too greedy to notice.

—Julian Casablancas

Make sure your heart is singing right until the day it stops

—Julian Casablancas, I’m excited for album 2.

Broken Bells, After The Disco

The Cave Singers - Swim Club

This song if from the Cave Singers upcoming third album.  Swim Club is a flowing rhythmic song that will remind up of open skys and warm summer weather. 

Will You Be Sleeping? - David Wax Museum 

Wes: David Wax Museum plays the folk style of “Mexo-Americana”.  This song is off the new album “Knock Knock Get Up,” which  comes out September 4th (today!).  First off the song is amazing and the album is too.  Will You Be Sleeping? will enchant you with meaningful lyrics and fun rhythm so have a listen and enjoy.

Hey Love -Miner

Hey Love is from the first EP of the new indie-folk band fronted by Justin Miner.  Hey Love is a marvelous song, miner sounds like a folky mixture of The Lumineers and The Head & The Heart.  If you’re looking for the next big band look no further.  When you enjoy this you can get a free download of the song by going to  

Langhorne Slim - The Way We Move

Goodness I’m behind on music posts.  Please give this fantastic song a listen, it would go great on a summer playlist.

"Welcome To Pittsburgh" River City Extensions

A great song, I highly recommend you check this band out.  

New Album, yes.

New Album, yes.

Delta Spirit-California 

While Delta Spirit is by no means new, I really like their new self titled album “Delta Spirit”.  Also the lead single is quite catchy,  I can only hope the next official video is for “Money Saves”.

Damnit Anna-The Morning Benders/Pop ETC

This is the song that made me want to play guitar.  It’s too bad that they’re done, I hope POP ect can approach this.